Online Therapy

What is Online Therapy?

  • Professional, secure and confidential online therapy brought to the privacy of your home
  • Eliminate geographical boundaries and choose the therapist right for you

We live in a society that increasingly demands that boundaries represented by physical distance be reduced. At The Relationship Wellness Centre our goal is to do just that. We are offering a therapeutic service to you in a timely and sensitive manner.

But why choose remote therapy as opposed to your neighbourhood therapist? You may make this decision for a variety of reasons.

  • You may not have a therapist in your community with the experience or specialty you need
  • You may be housebound and not have access to a local therapist who provides remote accessibility
  • You may be concerned about privacy and prefer to see a therapist from outside your community

Is seeing a therapist on my screen as good as seeing them in person?

online counselling session

Talk to our therapists from the privacy of your home.

At The Relationship Wellness Centre our therapists are trained to “bridge the gap” between ourselves and our clients. We do this by reading the emotion you present to us in your words, your tone, your facial expressions, and your posture, and by responding in a personalized, highly relational way. Our experience tells us that we can do this every bit as effectively through video conference as if you were physically present in our office. Our goal is to meet you where you are, whether that be in one of our clinical offices, or over a web session.

Is my Web Therapy secure?

zoom appWe use a platform called Zoom. Zoom is easy to use, uses double ended encryption, and is approved for use by PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act). If you are using a computer, no download is required. If choose to use a tablet or smartphone, an easy to use downloadable app is available.

How stable it Web Therapy? Could we get cut off?

While disconnection is rare, like using any kind of tele communication, it is possible. Access to stable and high speed internet services is required.

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